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第3回入学式およびKIT Dayのお知らせ


Kirirom Institute of Technology
Invitation letter for KIT Day

Dear everyone

Kirirom Institute of Technology is a unique, creative and innovative boarding Institute which is located in Kirirom National Park, a place with Nature’s beauty, fresh air, lofty mountain ranges, splendid waterfalls and a good environment to study, work and live.

KIT’s vision is to create next generation IT Leaders, well equipped with the latest advancements in technologies and to provide opportunity for students in developing countries to utilize and flourish their skills effectively. Currently 48 students, who have passed our Interview process with Entrance exam, got the scholarship are learning in KIT. We would say that they are top 1% outstanding students in Cambodia. The intake of new coming students for this November 2016 are 30 students.

Today, It is my great pleasure to invite you to attend the KIT Day(Freshman Welcoming Ceremony), which is going to take place at vKirirom Pine Resort on 6th November 2016.

We expect this event will be very useful and productive for you in finding the best qualified IT Engineers in Cambodia. As everyone know that the university curriculum, the knowledge and skills that the students gather from university doesn’t match Industry requirements both in Technical and soft skills. KIT bridges that gap between the Industry requirements and the university, because KIT students have been gathering practical knowledge both in Technical and also Inter-Personal skills by working in real time Internship projects with clients from overseas. As of now they are capable of implementing ERP system, Develop Web and Mobile applications and Create Infrastructure for you.

Since all the KIT students have the habit of self-learning, they learn and adapt to new technologies very quickly based on your requirements. In addition to this they are capable of introducing new technology to your company to grow faster in this competitive world.

In this auspicious event, each virtual company from KIT will give an outstanding presentation which will help you to understand what KIT students are doing, and how capable they are. KIT is looking for the companies which is interested in recruiting qualified super engineers. So grab this opportunity to select the world class Engineers. We are kindly looking forward for you presence.

When:November 6th 2016 Sunday
Venue:vKirirom Pine Resort (Party Tent)
vKirirom Pine Resort is 112 kms southwest of Phnom Penh, located about 30 kms to the west of National Highway #4. On the bottom of Kirirom Mountain, you will find SOKIMEX with Kirirom Mart along the National Highway #4.
Time : 9:30- Registration
10:00- KIT President Speech
11:00- KIT students’ Project Presentation and so on.
12:30-13:30 Lunch
Entrance Fee:Free (Lunch buffet will be served) / 015467490 (Chihiro Kurose)

Note : Limited seats are available, so please confirm your registration by October 28, 2016

A2A Town (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Kirirom Institute of Technology
President; Takeshi Izuka

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